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Goal setting and accomplishing

Breaking down goals into small steps

By breaking each goal down into easy doable tasks you won't get overwhelmed and you'll start loving the whole process of it. Did you know that breaking it down into small steps helps you in order to not getting overwhelmed by it? 💁🏽‍♀️

Do you actually write down your goals or are you just talking about them? Do you actually visualize the vibes and feelings of the outcome? 🤨

If you are easily distracted, it is best to set a timer for 30 minutes and during this time put aside any distractions and focus on your to-do's that lead you to the goal ✨

By writing down your goals you set the intention to actually achieving them. You start to actually visualize the outcome.

It's really important to visualize your future in order to find out what really sets your soul on fire ❤️🔥

By doing that you start to feel awesome and grateful as if you've already achieved your goals 😍✨

Learn & adapt

If you learn a new information and connect it to a certain feeling or state of being you can learn and adapt to new routines and tasks easily. Just make sure to repeat the new information or the new task then you'll easily adapt to that. So if you want to achieve greater things you have to implement a few easy steps and routines. Make yourself a comfortable working space where you feel *good* ☺️

How to optimize your working space

  • remove "background noise" = things that could bother you,

  • such as a cluttered table, photos or your phone, you probably know those situations very well, you pick up your phone because you have something specific in mind and as soon as you unlock your phone, you forget what you wanted to do, or you open a certain app because you see unopened notifications or just want to spend time on social media ...

  • I could go on and on about this..

  • 30 minutes and during this time make sure to put away any distractions and focus on your to-do's that lead you to your goal that you're working on ✨

  • I personally put aside any distractions. If I'm working on my phone I either make sure to mute any notifications or I'm currently hyperfocused and don't care about what's going on except of following the steps to my current goal) 🧘🏽‍♀️☀️

  • After 30 minutes stick to 5 minute breaks and continue focusing for another 30 minutes and so on..

  • Make sure to take a 15 minute break after 2-4 x 30 minutes

  • helps you stay focused

Visualize & program your body to success ✨

Your body can't tell if it's real or not

... which means by actually spending time with visualizing and feeling deeply into it, you can program your body and mind to connect the puzzle pieces in order to take the steps that take you closer to your goals. With other words: you program your body and mind to success.

If you know what you want & why you want it, it becomes easier to find out how you're going to get what you strive for.

Dream big. Set goals. Take action.

The actual key essence is actually getting into action.

Be a dreamer. But also be a DO-ER ☝🏽

Drop down below how you keep track of achieving your goals and let me know what you think about this topic 📲⤵️

What are your thoughts about this? Tell me what you think! ☺️

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